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Welcome to All Our Masks! We are an Alternate Universe DC-comics RPG, loosely based off the Young Justice comic and show. We accept canons and original characters and have a 223 Rating. No character or player will be left out, everyone will be RPed with. We try to offer and maintain flexibility for characters and storylines wherever possible in our canon characters and themes. So before you rule out a character, plot, twist, or anything else, please talk to an admin first! We would be happy to assist and work with you wherever we can.

If you have any questions, our C-box is open for guests. Or you are more than welcome to pop onto our guest-friendly Questions and Answers board. For easy navigation, see our Table of Contents thread (link located in the sidebar to your left) for a full list of our informational entries.

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I would like to thank everyone who stuck with me for the past 2 1/2 years. Interest has waned dramatically over the past six months or so. I tried my best to generate interest, bring in new faces and to be around for plotting with everybody. But with the absence of progress in my long term plots and the presence of so much disappointment I have lost all but the whole of my muse and motivation to go on. And I have fallen into despair and the hopelessness with the situation. With nobody being truly committed to AOM I can, honestly, say that it makes sense to me why we could not attract attention. If you love and enjoy a site, its stories, its setting, its members then, in the future, remember to give it a fair share of attention. You never know whether your activity and your presence may be the deciding factor on whether an RPG succeeds or fails. Without its players' loyalty, an admin can only do so much. If everyone else seems to care so little, then why should I?

And to those who gave us a chance in these final weeks, I want to send out a huge thank you. I appreciate it so much and I am very sorry to be ending things at the beginning of your stay here with us.

You should be able to log in and collect your things. Thank you so much for the good times we had. You know how you can still reach me, if you want or need to. And so it is with a heavy heart that I bid everyone adieu and the best of luck in their future writing endeavors. May the inkwell of your muse and inspiration always be full.
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