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 Sinestro, Thaal Sinestro / 45 / Ind. Villain
Thaal Sinestro
 Posted: Dec 13 2017, 04:25 PM
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N/A years old
Leader of Sinestro Corp
Where ever Hal is.
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A Friend! I am your only friend, Hal Jordan. Because I - alone - will prepare you for the life ahead of you. Remember that!


Full Name: Thaal Sinestro
Gender: Male
Age: 45
Birthday: October 26 1975 (earth days)
Occupation: Leader of Sinestro Corp
Location: Central Power Battery / Mobile
OC or Canon: Canon
Faction: Ind. Villain (future Injustice League member)


Face Claim: Luke Evans
Height/Weight: 6'7"/205lbs
Identifying Features: Most argue about what color the man's skin is. While most say it is the color of red, other say pink. Sinestro himself likes to say he would rather be called Magenta colored.
Uniform/Costume: The uniform Sinestro wears is the same in both green and yellow lantern forms. It is an energy-based uniform that is mostly black.from the waist down this includes his boots. The chest area is a mix of yellow and black. The yellow spikes out from the neck point to various spots on his chest, back, and shoulders. In the center is the Sinestro corp insignia, it is outlined in white and filled with black. On his Left bicep, he has a yellow band with the same Sinestro corp insignia on it, also on his left hand is where he wields his ring. He also has yellow cuffs that almost go up to his elbow, they stop about an inch before hitting the beginning of the elbow.


Thaal has a very peculiar personality. Most of the time the man thinks he is better than everyone, he rarely sees others as his equal and treats everyone as if they were dumb peasants The man is also highly intelligent, it was one reason he was placed in charge of training Hal Jordan. He was also able to manipulate his own people and can manipulate those with a small IQ. Sinestro enjoys power over almost everything in his life. He has come so attached to it that he would do anything and everything he can to make sure that his powers never leave him.

Sinestro also has the qualities of a leader, but the man is also very intimidating to others (perhaps a bit too much). His leadership skills come from the time he spent with the Green Lanterns, he was often helping others and took the role of leader during missions. It started to grow more during his time on his home planet as he led his people. While they didn't enjoy his leadership, he believes that they would have been lost without him. This leads Sinestro to have a very strong Loyalty to his people and to those he leads. It is often seen during times of battles where he will often take charge and make sure that those who are in the line of duty get the care they need.

While he does seem to have a very cold heart the man cares deeply about those who he chooses to deserve that affection. He has deep regrets for losing his wife and his daughter but he has no regrets about what he has done. He still cares for his close friend Hal Jordan but still believes that he would do better on the Sinestro corp then with the Green Lanterns. Sinestro is very picky about who joins his side, leading him to handpick the Sinestro corp. Sinestro takes much pride in everything he does and does not let others get in the way of said pride. He is also very proud to be Soranik's father even if she doesn't want to believe him. While believes she would also be better in his corp, he accepts that she chooses green, but hopes to one day win back her favor. He would also do just about anything for Soranik, (except for giving up his power). He would also do whatever it took to save those of his home world if they were ever in any danger.

Sinestro is also a very Rash person. He doesn't seem to care much about the rules and is pretty okay with breaking them when they are set in front of him. This mostly comes from the rules of the Guardians of Oa. Sinestro does not believe himself to be the bad guy, he believes himself to be a hero who was betrayed by his friends. So there for he does not see what he did or is doing as a bad thing, he believes with all his heart and soul that these things are for the good of the universe. Because no matter how he acts Sinestro cares about a lot of things. He cares about the lifeforms and the universe as a whole, he just doesn't see it like a normal hero would, thus him being called a villain.

01. Power
02. Controlling others
03. Hal Jordan (Don't tell him)
04. Good food
05. Attacking the Green Lanterns

01. The Green Lanterns
02. The Guardians
03. Blue Lanterns
04. People who don't agree with him
05. Being Trapped

01. Over Confidante
02. Distant
03. Distrusting

01. Sinestro does not Fear anything...(Losing power)
02. Fear is controlled by Sinestro... (Death)

01. Over use of eye rolls
02. Bad Taste of Hair styles
03. Sighs when annoyed
04. Floats more then he walks.

01. To find his daughter and protect her
02. To bring Hal to the Dark side or Take down the Green Lanterns, whichever comes first.

Powers & Abilities

01. Qwardian Power Battery
02. Qwardian Power Ring

01. Hand to Hand combat
02. Green Lantern Corp Training
03. Indomitable Will
04. Genius Level Intellect
05. Leadership

01. Fear Atonement
02. Yellow Energy Constructs
03. Yellow Energy Blasts
04. Force Field Generation
05. Fear Installment
06. Phasing
07. Environmental Playback
08. Energy Twin
09. Wormholes and Space Warps
10. Limited Cellular Regeneration
11. Electromagnetic Scanning
12. Universal Translator
13. Material Alteration
14. Ring Duplication
15. Emergency Beacon
16. Homing Beacon
17. Mind Alteration
18. Security Protocols
19. Preset Conditions
19. Override Commands

01. Hope/Blue Lanterns
02. Death
03. His Daughter
04. Recharge protocol

The Qwardian power ring, which is yellow, supplies most of Sinestro's powers. One of the main lantern powers is to create constructs, blasts, and force fields. These are also in the color yellow which is the main color of fear. Constructs can be pretty much be created by whatever the user imagines, from walls to ball constructs and even weapons. The force fields are also a very important part of the lantern power, not only does it protect from assaults but it is able to transport people through space or just anywhere. The lantern can also create an energy twin, the twin is able to travel faster and further than the user. It appears much like a hologram yet while in this form the user can't move their body. It's clear that while in this form the Twin and the user share information.

The ring also allows it, user, to phase through matter, such as walls or other people if necessary. The ring grants the user ability to fly through air and space. Depending on how strong the ring wielder is, they are able to open up wormholes and travel the distance a lot faster than they normally would be able. Sinestro can even travel through black holes. Sinestro is also able to use a fear installment, which allows the user to find someone's darkest fear and turn it into an energy construct. Once someone's fear has been shown it gives the wielder more power. However, it only works on the Fear emotion. Sinestro also has the ability to erase the minds of others, however, he likes to keep the fear in those he messes with.it is known Lanterns use this to give each other information during battles.

Some powers of the ring are duplicated from the Green Lantern Ring. The ring can play a playback of what the data banks have. It is in full color and needs the ring wielder to be paying attention to what they are doing, however, if something else takes their full attention the playback will stop. No one can change the outcome of the playback, as it is just a simple recording. Another is the ability to heal one's self. However, it is very limited to minor injuries. The ring can Detect Radio, Television, infrared, ultraviolet and high-frequency communications, it also has the ability to translate all languages to the surrounding people. Such as a human would hear Sinestro in whatever language they spoke and he would hear them in his native tongue.

The ring does have security protocols set in place, such as if it is stolen from the user, the ring would be useless. It will also send out a homing beacon to lead other lanterns to each other, it can also send out an emergency beacon if Sinestro needs help. The ring can also be duplicated, however, they are limited in their ability to hurt others. Sinestro is also able to preset commands. Sinestro also has an override command in every ring that is created for the Sinestro Corp. This means that if Sinestro chooses to destroy wielders' rings he can.


Parents: Unknown
Siblings: Unknown
Spouse/Significant Other: Arin Sur (Dead)
Children: Soranik Natu
Other Relatives: Aubin Sur (Dead)- Half Brother

Thaal Sinestro was born on the planet Korugar. It was during his early youth that the man was selected by the Guardians to become a Green Lantern Member for his honor and fearlessness. Sinestro was the greatest Green Lantern the Corps had seen and crime had come to a complete stop in sector 1417, before being sent to mentor new Corps recruits.

During Sinestro's time with the Green Lanterns, he was accompanied by his best and most trusted friend Abin Sur, and the two considered each other brothers. Eventually, Sinestro fell in love with Abin Sur's sister, Arin Sur, and the two had a child together. The family was indeed a very happy one, with Sinestro and Abin Sur ecstatic to actually be brothers.

Abin Sur confided in his best friend about what he had learned about the Blackest Night, shortly before Abin was killed by Atrocious. Sinestro vowed to bring the monster to justice for what he had done and had the help of Abin's successor Hal Jordan of Earth, who was Sinestro's last student. The two trained together and became known as good friends (although Hal would never replace Abin Sur).

After bringing Atrocious to prison, Atrocious taunted Sinestro about the prophecy that would bring Sinestro's fall from grace. Thaal ignored the man and his stories and left the alien to rot in jail. After this something had changed, he had become more stressed with keeping his sector in order, due to this, the man started acting differently. Due to his actions, his family was threatened, his wife saw the danger and she secretly gave his daughter away. Sinestro was unable to find his daughter and his wife had died shortly after. On a diplomatic assignment, Hal had been reckless and Sinestro started to believe that Hal was a waste of time. When they got back to Sinestro's home planet, Hal found that Sinestro had made them all worship him. He had also ruled with an iron fist, most of his rules were unfair. As Sinestro was away the City rebelled against him and Hal and Sinestro fought. After a while, Sinestro was taken to Oa where he was tried. Hal had testified against him and Sinestro swore to get revenge. It was during the trial that he was found guilty and his ring and powers stripped from him. Leaving him in one of his most fearful states of being powerless.

During his time on Qward, he was able to forge a yellow power ring using the emotion of fear. After some time of fighting with the Green Lanterns and becoming one of their greatest villains by creating his own lantern corp, he was imprisoned in the Central Power Battery.

Writing Sample

Meditation, the act of bringing yourself to a center in both mind and body. For a man locked away from the world there was little for him to do but meditate, or at least try to. Some days he could do it with ease other days he couldn't focus. Today was one of those days where he was unable to sit still. Which that alone annoyed him, he wasn't a fan of not being able to focus his own mind. Yet he knew deep down the real reason he couldn't focus. Something had changed, something was stirring, something was coming. Yet he didn't know if it was a good thing or something to worry about. So the magenta colored man paced between the nonexistent walls of his cell. Wondering just what the strange feeling was. It was something deep inside, something that he had felt a while back, something that meant another of his lanterns was around, but it was a different feeling it gave off. It wasn't any normal lantern, not one that he knew, yet it was also a familiar presence.

He stood at the entrance of the area around him. A small figure stood before him, he could feel the power of fear she had. Perhaps she was scared of the Green Lanterns, perhaps she was scared of the dark figure that stood on the other side of her, Perhaps she was scared of getting caught. It wasn't until her hand came through the area that he was able to see just about everything he needed to know at that very moment. She was a female, and she was a Yellow Lantern. She was the one who he had felt a while back, this was his new apprentice, this was his new partner, this was the comeback he waited for. This was his time to shine. The man gave a smirk before taking the small hand that was in front of him.

The man stepped out of the prison he was in, and the figure in front of him was a child. On the outside Sinestro showed no emotions towards her, but on the inside, he was wondering how such a young child could be wearing his symbol. How such a young kid could be standing in Oa with no one around to babysit her. The magenta man leaned his torso down towards her and walked around her. Something about her made him think, something about the way she looked, and how she stood, something about the guts she had screamed out HAL JORDAN in a very annoying tone. Perhaps this was one of his students turned on him, and that thought made him snort a chuckle.

"A mere child. I would think you were stupid for letting me out IF you weren't in my corp." He spoke in a very egotistical way. He knew it was only time before the Guardians and the Green Lanterns would be alerted to the area. "How about we take this to Sector 2814." He spoke as he took to the sky.


Miss Red
 Posted: Dec 14 2017, 12:11 PM
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Miss Red
-- years old
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Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I got posts!

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