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Dinah Lance
 Posted: Dec 12 2017, 12:01 PM
want ad
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29 years old
Instructor, Florist, Counselor
Star City
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Justice League
" Death by ice cream. Had to happen someday."

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Man you oughta see her fly


Dinah felt like she was in the Watchtower more than she was home. Heck. Who was she kidding? She was here more then home. And what was she doing on this evening when she could be home sipping hot chocolate while watching the roaring flames in her fireplace or a movie? She was training. Really she hadn't planned on doing so but it just kind of happened.

The sweat was trickling down her backbone as she pretended that there was someone else there that she was sparring with. Lately, she felt like she was with people more then she was alone. Times without being around someone helped her to get her thoughts together. To clear her head was something that she needed now and again. What was she thinking about? Everything. Everything from her duties as the Justice League Chairman and Oliver to the kids that she spoke with.

The femme ended with a loud growling scream as if she had just defeated her opponent. But really it was because she just couldn't quiet her thoughts. Indeed there were too many things to think about and she couldn't stamp them out of her mind. Things with Ollie were weird lately. She hardly saw him. Dinah was beginning to question whether or not they were still dating. A girl needed some time with her man after all. This subject probably at the forefront of what she was thinking about. But there was little that she could do about it since the world seems to have gone crazy with crime.

After this she would head to the showers and then home. Home alone. Perhaps she could get a cat or a dog. A dog would probably be more feasible since she could bring him or her along with her. Then again cats didn't seem to mind meandering around alone as long as they had food and a little box. Eh. Such added responsibilities would need more thought. Something that Dinah was not prepared to do right now. She just wanted to quiet her mind. Perhaps a nice strong drink would help.

Upon unravelling the strips that she had wrapped around her hands, in order to protect them, she tossed them in the laundry bin as she exited the door. Really she wasn't expecting to see anyone here this late but out of pure instinct she allowed her blue orbs to glance around instead of staring at the ground while she sauntered slowly toward her destination. Her breathing was still heavy. She'd gotten an awesome workout done and felt rather good about it as she grinned to herself.

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