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Artemis Crock

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Jan 16 2018, 03:49 AM
Normally when a newly married woman finds a set of pearls hidden in the closet her thoughts turn towards a gift from her husband. Or perhaps if she was a particularly paranoid woman a gift for another woman. How ever as Artemis West’s thumb gilded over the perfect silvery white orbs her thoughts turned to violence.

She recognized this particular strand, things that almost killed her had a habit of being memorable.

The questions rolling around her brain spun off each other fragmenting, forming impossible pictures.

Noah, it had to be. He had planted-

Yes he could hurt her he’d proven it before. It had to be him.


Artemis chewed on her lip, it was…

Stuffing the necklace along with her good set of boots-(which was what she HAD been digging for when the pearls had slithered out.) Artemis stuffed both into her duffle. “Wally!” She called out getting the bag over her shoulder. No matter the reason for the discovery she needed to talk to him and right now she needed to get on a plane for the next 24 hours and she couldn’t ditch last second. Not for this.

Not when she was escorting/flying the Head of Star Labs.

“Hey wanna come with me?” She gave him a smile, “You’re off for the weekend and we can have a little vacation in Burma.”
Nov 5 2017, 05:50 PM
March 28th, 2017

Gotham. It was a thing.

Ten days in a resort on a world that was...well paradise had left Artemis feeling relaxed for the first time in...well over a year honestly.

Take out dangled from her fingers, she was headed to her mother's, the eldest Crock had all but demanded a report of the whys and hows of her daughters sudden wedding, as well as to gush in the very unCrock like fashion. It would be fun.

Unfortunately it appeared that the low lifes of Gotham had other plans.

Artemis rolled her eyes as two guys peeled off the wall to follow her. Really? What the hell? The Crocks had a rep. This was HER neighborhood damn it! Sure she hadn't lived here in a few years but JADE damn well did! And her mom, chair no no chair wasn't exactly a pushover!

Well this was gonna be a thing now.

Artemis headed down an alley where she could kick ass unimpeded; setting down the take out she cracked her knuckles. “You got no respect do ya?” her childhood narrows accent coming to fore. “Ya know whoes building this is? Dis is the Crocks. You gonna disrespect them?”

Yes yes they were.

Artemis shifted her foot back ready to teach some lessons.
Oct 14 2017, 11:07 AM
March 18th, 2017

So this was probably not the best call to make, but hell she was already headed straight into poor decision making territory.

She couldn't honestly say ‘poor life choices’ because left to them there was exactly nothing ‘poor about the choice to marry Wally.

“Wally?” She couldn't call him Noah to him directly, “I-” she swallowed leaning back on the small bench while the seamstress finished the alterations frantically.

“How are you?”
Oct 14 2017, 04:24 AM
March 18th. 7pm Las Vegas

This wasn't a conversation that Artemis was super excited to have, maybe because of the number of times Jade had directly or indirectly threatened Wally's...things.

“Jade?” Because sometimes her voicemail picked up and sounded the exact same.

“Hey ummm…” please let it be voice mail… “wanna come to Vegas in the next hour and be my Matron of honor? Mom said she'd watch Lian.”
Aug 7 2017, 12:18 PM
She needs to talk to Wally.

Her Wally.

Artemis rights her bike, revving the engine, silver eyes scanning the surroundings wondering if she would spot him if he was still watching her.

Artemis takes off in a squeal of rubber, indiscriminately ignoring red light cameras, blithely taking the tickets in an effort to get home those few seconds faster.

“Wally?!” Blonde hair flies everywhere, she was breathing hard from racing up the staircase having no patience for the elevator. Frantic silver spots him, searching his face for a tattletale scar. “Oh that you.” She whispers flinging herself into his arm, holding him brutally tight just once, the kiss she gives him is frantically deep, passionate, flavored with just a hint of bitter remorse. Artemis doesn't break the embrace if anything deepening it, running her hands threw his hair, uncaring and unknowing if Luc is watching horrified.
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