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Jan 17 2018, 05:56 PM
Why had she said yes to this? Well, aside from that the other person had been more then ecstatic to do this and Kayley didn't want to let anyone down. Besides, Kara's puppy-dog eyes were impossible to say no to.

So here she was at the meeting location in front of the Metropolis Mall's front door, looking to all the world like a typical teenage girl.A few boys who walked past her looked her way, causing Kayley to blush a little and brush back her hair nervously. She still wasn't used to that and honestly she had no idea when she would be. She wished Kara could have made it but she was gonna be away with her cousin for a while, return time unclear. So until then Kayley was gonna be introduced to a friend she'd made who frequented Metropolis, a girl named Stephanie Brown, so she wouldn't get lonely.

Maybe Steph was some kind of superhero, too? Kara had said Stephanie didn't know Kara was Supergirl, so Kayley knew not to spill the beans on that. Still, would have been hilariously ironic if Stephanie was and the two just didn't know eachothers' secrets. It was a classic case in comics after all that lead to all sorts of antics. But what were the odds of that happening? This was gonna just be a nice, normal, if a little strange for Kayley, day. A girls' day out was what Kara had called it in the group messaging?

From the messages, Stephanie seemed nice, and looked nice. Another cheerful blonde on her list of friends, how appropriate. She couldn't help but wonder what it was like when Stephanie and Kara were in the same room as they did seem very alike so Kara had been confident the two would get along in person as well.

Glancing at her phone, Kayley leaned against one of the walls, waiting for the other girl to show up.


TAG Stephanie Brown
Jun 11 2017, 06:21 PM

First Day, New School
Kayley starts school in Metropolis, and meets Kara, another girl with a few secrets of her own

Vets & Rookies
Gemstone gets help from League member Aura in stopping a supervillain and chat a little after (COMPLETED)


Never You Mind
Gemstone meets Miss Martian while dealing with a villainous illusionist

Today's The Day!
Now Team-mates, Supergirl and Gemstone visit the Watchtower, and stories are shared.

MARCH 2017

Fast-Boy Special
Gemstone and speedster Risk work together to stop bank robbers with alien tech.

Talk Therapy
Black Canary hold a group talk session on the Watchtower for the new Team.
May 8 2017, 07:24 PM
March 1st 2017

It had been another afternoon in Metropolis, and with Kayley having been continuing to work on her powers, the teen had the freetime to go on another patrol. Unlike places like Gotham and Hub, Metropolis had that interesting habit of villains acting in the daytime. Kayley was never sure why, with heroes like Superman around. Maybe they wanted to prove they weren't afraid of him, or maybe they just didn't like working at night. Either way, it made for prospects the girl would have to cut her teeth on if she was going to get any better. Having already met with Aura she had done her best to up her training with Lucy and the Team now and had been improving with the time that had passed since she first ended up this way.

For instance, she'd gotten better with flying so it was easier to get a better look at what was going on below, and practice shooting plasma blasts with cans outside of the city on weekends she was able to. She didn't want another incident like Shockwave where she'd be way out of her league again, and... was that smoke?

Flying closer, she saw that a bank's front door had been blown open, several men in masks were rushing out carrying sacks of money. Taking a point where she hoped to still have the element of surprise, Gemstone charged up a pair of plasma orbs that she immediately flung their way, the orbs knocking two of the men down as she began to hover down towards them, more energy orbs forming as she prepared to go at it again now that she was seen.

Instead of fear, however, one of the fallen men just chuckled and took something out of the sack he was carrying, a few dollars spilt from it along with... some kind of laser rifle that looked like it came straight out of a sci-fi movie. Kayley's eyes widened in surprise as she quickly weaved out of the way of an energy blast the rifle fired, hiding behind a column.

"What the hell?! Lasers? Where did they get lasers?!" she thought aloud as she quickly turned and fired a plasma orb, knocking the man down and seemingly out for the count but three more emerged and more drew out similar weapons and began firing as well. Sure the suit was durable but she didn't know if it'd handle this, plus it was one of her, against several men armed with futuristic death rays... one of them looked like a futuristic gatling gun! Even training had not readied her for this sorta solo business. She needed to get help and fast, so she reached into her pouch about to switch on her communicator...

TAG Miss Red
May 6 2017, 10:57 PM
February 10th, 2017

After another long week of school and training with Lucy, Kayley Smith had decided to clock in a little alone time till she could meet up with Kara later, her friend being busy at the time. Hopefully she'd be done with her assignments and whatever her cousin had planned for her soon, in the meantime the teen was left to her own devices.

Luckily, the mall offered plenty of possibilities and the arcade there quickly got her attention the first time she'd come here. Heading over to the Aliens game, the girl dropped some quarters in and took up both guns, firing away and cheering loudly as she blew apart xenomorphs that continued charging her way on the screen. Aliens, they either invade Earth, or change your sex and give you superpowers... okay there was the two Martian heroes that she would read about that were really cool. Hopefully the next aliens that popped in would be like them and not the pixelated renderings she was blasting apart right now.

"OHHHHHH YEAH!" she cheered, beating the boss xenomorph and completing the next level.

Her victory, however, was short-lived when she heard screaming, and then people pushing her away from her game as a panicked crowd came through. "Hey! Whoa! What the f-" she didn't get to finish her sentence as she hid behind an arcade cabinet as more people flocked by. Peering over, she saw a figure in a flowing purple cloak standing on a table in the food court laughing maniacally...

"YES! RUN INFERIOR CREATURES! FOR I AM DECEPTO! MASTER OF DIMENSIONS!" the being shouted in an electronically distorted voice. "I have traveled from my world to observe your race and have deemed you... pathetic!"

"Hold it right there!" a pair of security guards yelled, aiming their guns at the alien-looking being.

The creature laughed and raised his gloved hands. "Hab SoSlI’ Quch!" he shouted and a wave of ghostlike alien beings emerged from a rippling vortex behind him that fluttered around the food court, causing more panic and chasing the guards away.

The language was familiar for some reason, but Kayley didn't really have time to figure it out. This guy looked powerful but she had to do something! Running to the back of the arcade and into the girls' bathroom, she got her costume she'd brought along to change, hoping she'd get to him in time...

TAG M'gann M'orzz
Feb 20 2017, 06:52 PM
January 20th
Metropolis, 2017

So here she was, Gemstone, a novice hero. She'd gotten some assignments out of the way, enough anyway for Lucy to let her try her hand at some patrol work. All geared up, now, the young metahuman was now flying around the city, looking for anything out of the ordinary.

Metropolis was a nicer, safer place then New York, it may have had to do with the fear of Big Blue himself that kept the more "normal" crimes low as usually it was alien invaders and super-powered maniacs that were the problem... but still you got a few that happened when some thought they were under Superman's radar. It was those people the young crime-fighter hoped to become good enough to handle. She'd heard of Steel in Suicide Slum, which the name alone kept her from wanting to go near that place.

LexCorp Tower stood tall and proud in the distance, bringing a small smile to the girl's face as he had done a lot in saving the world from the Reach and his other charitable actions suggested he was turning over a new leaf, but that was neither here nor there, for now the place did function as a good landmark nonetheless to avoid getting lost as she went lower on the buildings only to come short when she saw men in skimasks loading electronic equipment into a truck. The wall they were pulling it from was busted open and it was pretty clear they were bad people.

"Now or never..." Gemstone whispered to herself. She'd been training a lot lately to improve herself and now she'd see if it paid off. There were two of them, so they probably were armed but not expecting a lot of trouble. Lucy had explained that it made them less conspicuous and more likely to sneak away. Not this time.

Soon as their backs were turned, Gemstone had found a spot where she could take a second to create a pair of energy spheres, firing them at the men. One was hit in the back of the head, causing him to crash into the building wall and knocking himself out cold. The other was hit in the back, causing him to fall over. He turned just in time that Gemstone fired a few plasma bolts at him as she made her presence known. The man grunted and cried in pain from the attacks as she approached.

"Enough," she said. "You gonna come quietly or--"

"Or what?" an electronically altered voice asked, its owner emerging from the truck. Gemstone could only gawk for a second, the man had some kind of powered armor with a visored helmet. The circuitry on the armor glowed and seemed fueled by an engine on the back. "You want to cut Shockwave's profits, Shockwave cuts YOU, little girl!" he said, the sound of his armor charging up and Gemstone immediately leaped out of the way narrowly avoiding a beam of compressed soundwaves that obliterated the wall near her. The commotion was loud enough it'd draw attention but it was clear the villain didn't care, as he only laughed and took aim for the girl again.

So much for easy... Gemstone thought to herself, hiding behind a corner and wondering what to do next as one huge chunk of her hiding spot after another was blown away... she had no way of engaging him right away without getting blasted.

tag Elora Tucker
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