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Jun 11 2017, 09:19 PM
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<div class="parachutes">
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<div class="spies"><p>Superboy</p></div>
<div class="spark">

<CENTER><IMG SRC=http://i128.photobucket.com/albums/p183/DowntoEarthDreamer/Superboy%20App_zps3dodoqlu.jpg></CENTER><BR><BR>

<B>Full Name:</B> Conner (Kon-El) Kent <BR>
<B>Gender:</B> Male <BR>
<B>Age:</B> 7<BR>
<B>Birthday:</B> 21 March 2010 <BR>
<B>Occupation:</B> Student/Hero <BR>
<B>Location:</B> Jump City <BR>
<B>OC or Canon:</B> Canon<BR>
<B>Faction:</B> Team


<div class="spies"><p>Appearance</p></div>
<div class="spark">

<B>Face Claim:</B> Nicholas Hoult<BR>
<B>Height/Weight:</B> 6'3" and Muscular<BR>
<B>Identifying Features:</B> Perpetually a young teenager, black hair and blue eyes <BR>
<B>Uniform/Costume:</B> Black tee-shirt with the symbol of the House of El on it, gray or blue BDU pants, black combat boots, brown leather jacket comes and goes<BR><BR>

<div class="spies"><p>Personality</p></div>
<div class="spark">

Given that he was force grown in a pod, Conner was something of a blank slate when he was rescued from CADMUS, but given that he was treated as sub-human as soon as he was released (by Dr. Desmond) and then rejected by Superman (the very reason for his existence), Conner started his life out a little roughly and it shows in his personality. He'd rather not let people in rather than let them reject him again. A small part of him is waiting for someone to be done with him and just throw him back into a pod until the next time they need their 'weapon'. It took a long time for him to rationalize that people didn't want to default to thinking of him as an object, but any hint of dehumanization (about anyone) and Conner will be the first to say something about it.
More often than not his first reaction is to be on the defensive and that often jumps straight into anger. Anger is an easy emotion and it can be used to mask a multitude of other things, such as hurt and sadness. It's easy to look at Conner and forget that while physically he looks about sixteen, he has still only had the personal development of maybe a seven year old.
But thanks to the quick introduction to his teammates (Aqualad, Kid Flash and Robin) Conner also learned this fierce sense of loyalty and friendship along with the duty the young heroes felt toward keeping the world safe. Conner hates being the center of attention but not more than he hates change, because it makes it hard for him to know what he should be doing on a day to day basis. There's a soft soul under Conner's hard bluster, a bruised one that doesn't want to have to ask to be loved because he knows how badly it can hurt when you lose that love...

<I>01.</I> Wolf <BR>
<I>02.</I> Sphere <BR>
<I>03.</I> 'Going for a ride'<BR>
<I>04.</I> White Noise<BR>
<I>05.</I> His tee-shirt <BR><BR>

<I>01.</I> Monkeys<BR>
<I>02.</I> Being mocked or made fun of <BR>
<I>03.</I> Being locked up<BR>
<I>04.</I> Change<BR>
<I>05.</I> Sitting Still<BR><BR>

<I>01.</I> Temper<BR>
<I>02.</I> Low Self-esteem<BR>
<I>03.</I> Only half Kryptonian<BR><BR>

<I>01.</I> Slight Cleithrophobia (fear of being locked up or contained)<BR>
<I>02.</I> Not being able to live up to his heritage<BR><BR>

<I>01.</I> Always trying to prove himself<BR>
<I>02.</I> tries to push people away from getting close to him by being abrasive <BR><BR>

<I>01.</I> To make a name for himself based on his merit, not his biology<BR>
<I>02.</I> To really feel like he deserves to have a family<BR><BR>

<div class="spies"><p>Powers & Abilities</p></div>
<div class="spark">

<I>01.</I> Sphere/Supercycle (sort of)<BR>
<I>02.</I> <BR><BR>

<I>01.</I> Hand-to-Hand trained by Black Canary<BR>
<I>02.</I> The ability to piss people off rather quickly<br>
<I>03.</I>Genomorph Programming<BR><BR>

<I>01.</I> Super Strength<BR>
<I>02.</I> Invulnerability<br>
<I>03.</I> Super Hearing<br>
<I>04.</I> Infrared Vision<BR><BR>

<I>01.</I> Kryptonite<BR>
<I>02.</I> His Team<br>
<I>03.</I> Red Sun<br>
<I>04.</i> Magic<BR><BR>

Being a clone, Conner's powers mimic those of Superman, but due to the introduction of Luthor's human DNA to fill in the gaps, Conner's abilities are a shadow of his Kryptonian potential. No flight, though instead he's got a leap of up to several miles (tall buildings in a single bound sort of stuff). No heat or x-ray vision, though he does have infrared vision, allowing him to see uninterrupted heat signatures even inside buildings. However even with these limited abilities, Conner has displayed the same Kryptonian weaknesses such as a vulnerability to Kryptonite. It is reasonable to believe that since he derives his powers from our Yellow sun, that should he ever be on a planet with a Red sun (like the one formerly on Krypton) he would be rendered powerless.
Something else that sets him apart from the usual Kryptonian is his ability to feel pain, however this does not seem to deter him at all from throwing himself headfirst into a situation. While some consider Sphere as a machine, Conner will never stop thinking of her more as a partner or ally. It was that thinking, that she was more than just a machine that caused the New Gods to allow Conner to keep her and he's never going to forget that. Sphere has thoughts and feelings of her own and Conner will not be one to think of something like that as nothing more than an object.

<div class="spies"><p>History</p></div>
<div class="spark">

<B>Parents:</B> Superman (Kryptonian DNA Donor) Lex Luthor (Human DNA Donor)<BR>
<B>Siblings:</B> Match (half-brother-ish), XX (sort-of adopted Xenomorph brother)<BR>
<B>Spouse/Significant Other:</B> N/A <BR>
<B>Children:</B> Wolf (kinda) <BR>
<B>Other Relatives:</B> Supergirl (Cousin-adjacent)<BR><BR>

<i>Originally created as a follow up to the failed Match project, Project Kr was created to be the replacement to Superman should he fail or fall from the Light. By combining the leftover DNA of the subject Superman with that of the donation made by company CO, Lex Luthor; it has severely diminished Project Kr's Kryptonian abilities, but it was easier to control than it's fully Kryptonian counterpart, so CADMUS has decided to leave the project at a standstill until further advancements can be made.
A small fire in the upper levels of CADMUS caused intrusion in the form of the sidekicks of various members of the Justice League. Robin (Mentor: Batman), Kid Flash (Mentor: The Flash), along with Aqualad (Mentor: Aquaman) caused the release of Project Kr and were originally captured and set to become the source material for subsequent projects themselves. Like it's counterpart, Project Kr became something that CADMUS could no longer control and it escaped along with the source material. There has been a ban on all attempts to reacquire the weapon.

Over the past year it seems that the Project has developed beyond what we could have hoped, despite it's removal from our control and the steps removed from the Light. Including taking down insurrectionists such as the Injustice League and various other antagonists including but not limited to Bane, T.O. Morrow, and the Terror Twins all while continuing to play right into the hands of the Light. The weapon has developed skills such as tactical rationalization and subterfuge during many of these encounters. It has also formed interpersonal relations with many of the young sidekicks. We had not anticipated such development of personality out of the weapon and it requires further observation.
The verbal command that was set inside the weapon has been deprogrammed. It is no longer under our control. CADMUS is under severe inspection. Updates no longer secur-
<b>override code:/boywonder</b>
This is former Project Kr. My name is Conner Kent and I'm the clone of Superman. We have helped to reform as much of CADMUS as we have been able to, no more forced cloning, no more making slaves of the Genomorphs. We've kicked the Reach off world and slowly but surely we're going to crumble every foothold that the Light has on this and every other planet. Everyone made or tormented here has the chance to live their lives as much as they can. We are not our programming.
I am not a weapon.
I am a hero. </i>
<div class="spies"><p>Writing Sample</p></div>
<div class="spark">
Taking a step back from the keyboard, Conner saved the newest and last entry to his CADMUS file before shutting down the computer the way that Nightwing had told him to to make sure the internal hack couldn't be traced back as a Trojan. With everything that had happened, it made sense that they had been watching him this whole time, his whole life, but that didn't make his skin crawl any less. His life was his own such as it was. He didn't like the idea that he'd been watched while he was out on missions and he liked the idea that he'd been watched during his personal time even less than that. Had they been watching when he took M'gann...
Giving his head a firm shake, Conner set his jaw, and turned away from the monitor with a exasperated puff of air. Things were slowly getting somewhere with M'gann, somewhere where the very thought of her name didn't send a lance of pain through his chest. But the idea of CADMUS anywhere near her, then or now or ever made Conner feel the need to break things. Fists tightening, Conner reached his hand out and set it on Wolf's head and ruffled the animal's fur as he headed into the docking bay. He needed out right now, he needed to not be cooped up, even somewhere as spacious as the cave. It wasn't enough, he needed to feel the fresh air, not the centralized and filtered air. What he really felt like he needed was a mission.
But those didn't always just fall into your lap. Where they were right now, there was a million balls up in the air, between the new Reach drink that had snuck through their radar until it had finally hit shelves, the influx of heroes, villains and everything in-between that had flooded the streets of the country, not to mention other parts of the world alone were all things guaranteed to make your head spin. But the important thing was to wait until one of those balls actually made it's decent back to Earth. That was what Nightwing and the Batman were good at, picking out which balls were going to hit first and usually explode like grenades. Even as he thought his feet had carried him to the hanger where he was greeted by a few high pitched beeps from Sphere before she shifted into a cycle, as eager as he was for a ride. Feeling the corner of his lip curling into a smile, Conner gave her an appreciative pat and waved Wolf to jump into his usual seat before Conner climbed on himself, requesting the hanger door to be opened.

<div class="spies"><p>Ren</p></div>
<div class="spark">
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