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Hal Jordan

Justice League

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Aug 24 2017, 10:43 PM
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After getting drunk and seeing Wally the morning after a few days before, Hal realized that he had sorely missed his 'nephew,' thus, he was on his way to Gateway City to visit them. Perhaps it was a little impromptu and on a whim, but Hal was free that day. No monsters, no missions, no anything that demanded Green Lantern. Surely, Wally would not mind a random visit from his uncle? After all, it used to happen all the time before Wally disappeared and came back, so nothing should be different. Would things be different? He pushed the thought away. No, nothing would be different.<BR><BR>

Except... something was different when Hal finally got there. The Green Lantern was about to descend (as he had flown into Gateway City; it was the more fun method of travel) in an alley next to the apartment building where he knew Artemis and Wally lived when he noticed a kid with pink hair and a bright yellow beanie sitting on the fire escape of Wally's and Artemis's apartment, sketching something and smoking a cigarette, headphones on his head. Huh. It seemed Hal was not the only one to sport disgustingly garish colors on a regular basis (although it was a bit presumptuous of him to assume that this kid wore it often). He surmised this was Lucius, or Luc, as Wally had called him.<BR><BR>

"Are you Luc?" he said, hoping it was. If this was not, it would be extremely awkward for Green Lantern to be directly addressing a random kid for seemingly no reason, looking for someone else. He waited for a response, but did not receive one right away. The music was probably too loud for Hal's speaking volume to be heard as he himself could hear the music that was being listened to faintly. Did he not care about his ears?<BR><BR>

He waved his hand in front of the person he thought was Luc to get his attention. "Hellooooo..." he said, "Earth to Luc. What's up?"<BR><BR>

This time, he was sure he had Luc's full attention. Or whatever could be spared between art, music, and Hal Jordan.<BR><BR>

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Aug 20 2017, 06:02 PM
Hal did not often come to Gotham City. It was too dreary, dark, and rainy for his tastes. Luckily, it wasn't raining that night, but it was quite overcast and dark. After all, it was Gotham City and Gotham City was not Gotham City without clouds and darkness. He honestly felt out of place, glowing bright green among the gloom. He never understood why Batman liked it in his city. It gave him the creeps.

But he had to get over it, as he was on an important mission concerning where the Coast City Venocity came from, which had been traced all the way back to Gotham City. Thus, he had come all the way to this desolate place to look for the source (however hard that may be since bad guys could see him coming from miles away thanks to his shining emerald aura).

He soared past and weaved in between buildings, gliding expertly. Of course, this wasn't simple a joy ride. As he was moving, he was having his ring scan for traces of Venocity using its chemical formula. That gave him too many trails to follow at once, so he ordered it to hone in on large sources of the terrible drug.

That brought him to a very shady place. The Green Lantern ring was going bananas with readings on the compound inside. So, he entered. It was seemingly abandoned, which struck him as very odd. He beamed green light so he could investigate further. There was nothing inside except for busted-up junk and crates, which potentially contained what Hal was looking for.

He sidled up to one and formed a crowbar construct, popping it open. Nothing. There was nothing inside of it. Confused, he scanned it. There were traces, of course, but there were no substantial amounts of the crud in there. The rest of the place was about to be scanned again when Hal was tackled from behind by a thug. The guy had his arms wrapped around Hal's throat, thus the Green Lantern jabbed his assailant with his elbow, forcing him to let go.

Suddenly, there were more thugs. Too many. The hero was seemingly outnumbered, any crowd-controlling attack he could do with his ring limited by the space and his own ability to focus on so many at once.

Aug 18 2017, 11:13 PM
March 13th, 2017 - 6:00 am

Hal woke up to the beeping of his alarm clock. He groaned. Last night and the previous day in general had been exhausting for him (not even including the fact that he got home very late). The poor guy wanted to sleep in, give himself a break, but he remembered his new responsibility: Em'li. He decided to get up despite his wants and check on her.

His apartment only had one bedroom, meaning that Em had to sleep on the couch. Luckily for her, the couch folded out. Yawning and stretching, he entered the main room. Hal rubbed his tired eyes and walked over to the couch. "Em...?" he said.

But the couch was empty, the blanket shed on the floor. He looked around the apartment from where he stood to see if she was fiddling with kitchen appliances or just doing something weird. But she was nowhere in sight. He then checked the bathroom, bedroom again, and any closets. Em'li was nowhere to be found. At that moment, he knew that she had left the apartment without him.

The window was still open from last night when they had entered his place. He wasn't a master detective, but it was unlikely that she left the apartment that way, since she would have to fly out and that would draw attention (although probably not more than Hal flying in whenever he came back from something). He had a hunch that she wouldn't want that kind of attention, thus assuming she went out the front door.

Hal would have to search for her on foot. He quickly got dressed, slinging his jacket on and heading out the door. The man was on a mission now, though not the typical Lantern-y kind. He was on a mission similar to a parent who'd lost their kid in the middle of a mall complex. If Barry ever learned of Hal losing his protege on the first day, he would make fun of him.

He emerged into the sunlight, looking around. Where would a curious Martian girl go? Probably somewhere not too hot. Beach was instantly crossed off the list (however much he would like to spy Elora there). Searching, he walked the streets haphazardly. He had no idea where she would be.

Miss Red
Aug 18 2017, 04:02 PM
The past few days had been rough, some of the roughest Hal Jordan had ever been through. Yet he did not falter. He was determined to finally figure things out and prevent the terrible future that Noah had come from. During their chat the previous night, Noah had told him about everything that would happen and made him promise that Artemis 'would not be neglected.' Hal had been quick to agree to it in the heat of the moment.

Now was the time to make good on that promise. It was time to visit Artemis and talk (not just about what he now knew, but also about her attempted assassination of Lex Luthor). He touched down in Gateway City, de-Lanterning discreetly in an alleyway (always alleys, huh?) , then headed towards Star Labs, where Artemis worked as a pilot.

He poked around here and there in his search for her, eventually finding her by the hangar. Hal surmised she was probably on lunch break, or something, which was perfect for him. Gently, he gestured for her to come over once he saw her and pulled her somewhere a little more private.

"We need to talk. I know I'm late on the whole blame-train thing, but this isn't about that. Mostly," he told her.

"Call me crazy, but... I know something that's really, really important. There's... another Wally running around, calls himself Noah. He came here from a future directly linked to our present, a future where a lot of us heroes die. Those of us who survive apparently turn on each other and things get bad. But I know who is behind it, and it happens to be the very same guy you tried to kill: Lex Luthor. I don't exactly know what his game is now, but... I think we can stop him," Hal blurted in a really long run-on sentence.

Anyone would think he had genuinely lost his mind if not for his sincerity. That was how you knew you could trust Hal. If he was not kidding about this terrible future where many a hero died... then there was something big on the way.

Aug 16 2017, 01:08 AM
March 12th, 2017 - 8:00 pm

It was a late night. Hal had just gotten home from a long and tired day at Central City dealing with Wally about the events of the day before. He didn't even want to think about what had happened with Wally. The Green Lantern flopped on the couch, turned on the TV, and was about to slip off his power ring when it began to buzz and glow.


Hal knew exactly what this meant. Every day of his life he dreaded hearing the awful tone that the ring made whenever it had a call coming in. See, other Lanterns (he liked hearing from) never called him. It was only ever one of the Guardians of the Universe desiring to tell him off, John Stewart trying to talk to him and tell him to follow the rules more, or, worst of all, Guy Gardner bragging about his latest exploits.

Sighing, he flicked his wrist to answer the call, being met by a little green hologram of his favorite person, Appa Ali Apsa, Guardian of the Universe. He was a total dillweed. Always, no exceptions. Why couldn't it have been Ganthet? That guy at least had some chill. Although, he was gone now from the Green Lantern Corps, having left to form the Blue Lantern Corps. Well, whatever. Hal missed him, but he'd always be a Green Lantern.

Appa looked stern, as per usual, stating, "Green Lantern of sector 2814, your presence is requested immediately at Oa. No exceptions, and most certainly no delaying it through detours. We all know your ring, like every other, knows the most direct route to Oa."

Once Appa was gone, Hal groaned loudly. Couldn't he catch a break? Though, he most likely knew what it was about... the fact that he hadn't told them yet about the Red Lantern presence on Earth. Oh, he would get in lots of trouble for that, especially with Appa. However, he could not help the fact that he saw a glimmer of hope for the young Red Lantern that, despite almost killing Hal, had helped save innocents.

Hal traversed space at the necessary speed to reach Oa in a timely manner. He wasn't sure how the ring did it, but hey, it saved him years of floating around aimlessly. He landed on one of the pathways of Oa and made his way into the Guardians' council chamber, fully prepared to be punished in some new and bizarre way. That was how these meetings always went.

"You called?"

Tags: Miss Red ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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