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Injustice League

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Oct 24 2017, 09:41 PM
March 21st, 2017

Teth-Adam was in a bar. Teth-Adam was in a bar, also in a fight. His fist was making repeated connections with the face of some scum. He was holding him down while resisting the pull of other combatants trying to get him off of his quarry. A heavy elbow was sent into the gut of one of them, making the tug that much weaker. One might wonder how someone laying low in Fawcett City was caught up in such a passionate bar fight all the way in Central City within the establishment favored by the Rogues of the notorious Captain Cold.

Well, it began back in Fawcett the night prior, soon after a break-in. Black Adam had been momentarily thrown off his game when he had misjudged the truth of Captain Cold's bluff, causing him to be encased in ice almost completely. It was enough to immobilize him for a suitable amount of time necessary for the master thief to escape. Super strength was great at bending steel, but it was hard to break out of ice when all of you was covered in it. With a lot of determination and wiggling, he was freed, but Cold was gone. Damn.

He would have left it at that, waiting to punish the scoundrel when he dared show his face again. But something came up. As he went back inside the museum to survey the damage, once again in the guise of Theo Adam, he noticed what had been taken. What was missing... something that he knew from long ago. Something dangerous that could mean devastation for the world should it fall into the wrong hands. It was the jewel that was now in the wrong hands-- the hands of someone looking to make a quick gold coin off of it. Cold.

That had brought him to Central City, where it had not been hard at all to find where Cold and his so-called Rogues resided and lounged about. He had been minding his own business in wait for the man when he overheard some rude comments made to a waitress. Comments that only got worse and more demeaning until it got physical.

And that was how he ended up in a bar fight.

Miss Red
Oct 20 2017, 05:28 PM
March 17th, 2017

Aside from Billy, the boy who often walked with him on his way home from work, Teth-Adam did not have any contacts or people he was willing to socialize with. It was also important to note that he did not have any friends. Even Billy was not considered a friend. It was too risky making 'friends,' trusting people. So he decided not to. Things began and ended at light conversation. He never allowed himself to go any further, not that there was anyone he wanted to open up to. At the spot where the two usually split up, he paused, thinking of Billy. That Lyena had done a number on him... he wished he could have stayed to help.

The door to where he stayed creaked open. It was a rather cheap place that did not ask too many questions about who he was or what he did. As such, it was not the fanciest (but was anything in Fawcett fancy? Certainly not compared to what he had been accustomed to before being sealed away), although it served its function well enough. He pulled off his scarf and tossed it on the coat hanger alongside his jacket, revealing a faint scar going horizontally across his throat. Teth stepped into where the kitchen was, but stopped right in his tracks.

Someone was in his house.

And not just anyone.

Kid Flash.

It seemed as though the Justice League had finally sent someone (and he knew it was that brat-- there was no mistaking that bright orange hair) to apprehend him.... but something was off. He did not seem like he was here to fight, judging by his casual stance and the way he was... eating his leftover sandwich?! What an insult! Whatever he was here for, Teth did not want to hear about it. He wanted the speedster out and for him to stop touching his things, eating his food.

He was completely prepared to fight this intruder and drive him out, if not kill him. There was not even a moment given for Kid Flash to react to Teth discovering his presence. He went straight to announcing the magic word; he would need it to take him on.

"SH--!" Of course, a speedster could easily close the distance between them before he was able to finish... probably should have thought of that before, Teth-Adam.

Miss Red
Oct 3 2017, 09:33 PM
March 17th, 2017

It was just another ordinary day in the life of an undercover villain: wake up, go do some mundane task, return to the base of operations (if you could call it that), and sleep. Sleeping was awful and it required time, as well as effort, from Teth-Adam. He wished he could just spend all night awake and free of having to bother with the necessary evil. Nightmares often had a nasty habit of creeping up on him due to a few factors, one being that he had put it off for centuries after receiving Shazam's power and the other being that, well, a lot had happened to him, things he did not like to think or talk about.

He left work exhausted, as that elusive state of rest once again evaded him. That annoying brat came every day after they had first met. It was becoming normal, actually. So normal that he knew him to be Billy Batson now. Teth tried his best to avoid talking to Billy, but for some reason, the insolent fool kept coming back for more conversation. It was usually small talk lined with jabbing inquiry. This child was still convinced of Adam's identity (of which he was correct), which was irritating, to say the least.

However, their interactions usually started and ended at the ancient Egypt exhibit. It was like there was some sort of silent pact to leave it at that. A few words, nothing more. However, that particular day he left the museum was different. There was the feeling of being watched. One did not live as long as he did without realizing when someone was tailing him. It was quiet on the route he took back to where he resided, so he could hear the footfalls of the person behind him. They were light, most likely that of a boy... and who else would be following him but the Batson kid? Figured.

Without bothering to look over his shoulder, he declared with annoyance and absolute irritation, "If you had to ask me a question, you could have done it back in the exhibit while I was on shift. Following people is rude."

Miss Red
Sep 25 2017, 10:34 PM
Deciding to power down again was one of the toughest decisions Teth-Adam ever had to make in his very long life. He feared his own demise from doing it, remembering the last time he had become mortal again. However, his granted wisdom told him that no powers and being safe was better than being found by that wretched Captain Marvel, as well as his Justice League, and forced back into Belle Reve. He had spent enough time in that prison, plotting the actions he would take once he was free. After his escape, courtesy of the Light, he had pondered where to go. The other part of him, Theo Adam, urged for Fawcett City. Since there was nowhere better to go, given other places were just crawling with so-called heroes, the villain made his choice, making sure to get to his destination before his nemesis had a chance to know he was even there.

The moment had been long and tense, done in one of the back alleys of the city. Power was really the only thing that this shell of a once-great hero had. Giving it up, even for a moment, was near-impossible in his mind. He would be weak, vulnerable, and... he was not sure what else. Would age catch up with him as it had before, or would this new body protect him from time? The anticipation was killing him, so he uttered the word swiftly just to get it over with. Since then, he had been learning how to live as the people of the modern world did. He got a job at the museum as an Egyptologist and found a place to lay low until he could reunite with the rest of the Injustice League (not that he liked them, but they were better than nothing).

That was how he ended up lecturing people on ancient Egypt (he felt somewhat offended that it was referred to as such; to him, it had only been a few years ago, as he felt no passage of time while trapped in the scarab amulet, that he had last seen his home in its full splendor) in a stuffy room for days on end. At first, it had been dreadfully boring, but now he was in the rhythm of educating visitors. He was in the middle of one of his lessons on Egyptian mythology, particularly the legend about himself (strange to be referring to himself in third person, it was) when he noticed a teenager hanging out in the corner, seemingly staring right at him. Call him paranoid, but something about this kid unnerved him... perhaps the familiar aura he gave off. No matter. Adam simply ignored him and went back to what he was doing, although he could not shake the feeling that this was someone he knew. Then again, he might have known this person, but his memory was frustratingly dull when not using his powers.

Miss Red
Sep 25 2017, 10:23 PM
MARCH 2017

March 3rd
After months of being so careful, Teth-Adam has been discovered by none other than Billy Batson!

March 15th
Teth goes to look for Poison Ivy in hopes of getting the Injustice League back together, but bumps into someone else...

March 17th
Once again, Billy Batson annoys the living daylights out of Teth. However, someone- something- comes to interrupt them.
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