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Malik Al-Ghul


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<div class="parachutes">
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<div class="spies"><p>Malik</p></div>
<div class="spark">

<CENTER><IMG SRC=http://placehold.it/410X250/ffffff/000000></CENTER><BR><BR>

<B>Full Name:</B> Malik al-Ghul <BR>
<B>Gender:</B> Male <BR>
<B>Age:</B> 24 <BR>
<B>Birthday:</B> August 29 1998 <BR>
<B>Occupation:</B> Assassin <BR>
<B>Location:</B> Nanda Parbat <BR>
<B>OC or Canon:</B> OC <BR>
<B>Faction:</B> Neutral


<div class="spies"><p>Appearance</p></div>
<div class="spark">

<B>Face Claim:</B> Jade Hassouné <BR>
<B>Height/Weight:</B> 6ft. 2in. 130 lbs.<BR>
<B>Identifying Features:</B> Green eyes. <BR>
<B>Uniform/Costume:</B> Wears a Black Kevlar Suit with a Hood. The Kevlar is only along his chest and back, the arms of his suit is comprised of a lightweight polymer that offers a form of protection and flexible movement.<BR><BR>

<div class="spies"><p>Personality</p></div>
<div class="spark">

Malik al-Ghul is the son of Ra's al-Ghul, this in itself has earned him a degree of ruthlessness by name. He holds Pride above all, the Pride of his family name. He also takes pride in being a member of the League of Assassins, upholding the League Code as his own. Malik when earning his friendship, his trust makes him a great ally to anyone. He would go all the way for anyone that deserves his trust and his help. However, earning his trust isn't an easy feat itself.<br><br>

Malik has a good relationship with his elder sibling, Talia. They trust each other completely, Malik himself trusts Talia a lot more than he does anyone else. This might be due to their sibling bond, he himself would take a bullet for Talia if her life was threatened at all. He respects her as the heir of the League of Assassins seeing as he has no interest in leading it.<br><br>

Aside from that, Malik is also a very good liar, he's able to lie without skipping a heartbeat, beating any sort of lie-detection machine. However his honesty is his most intriguing feature, he never fails to be honest with people that he trusts, or cares about. He's also able to assume any identity, pretending to be various people when on one of his missions.<br><br>

<I>01.</I> Training<BR>
<I>02.</I> Chocolate<BR>
<I>03.</I> Family<BR>
<I>04.</I> The League<BR>
<I>05.</I> Fighting<BR><BR>

<I>01.</I> Narcotics<BR>
<I>02.</I> Enemies of the League<BR>
<I>03.</I> Those who threaten his Family<BR>
<I>04.</I> Backstabbers<BR>
<I>05.</I> Ignorance<BR><BR>

<I>01.</I> Confidence, his confidence can be a good thing however, it can also allow him to underestimate his opponents.<BR>
<I>02.</I> Attachments, though it may be a strength, the attachments he makes, if someone finds their way into his life, they can just as easily betray him as it leaves him vulnerable.<BR>
<I>03.</I> Humanity, regardless of his training, Malik still is able to feel compassion, and is empathetic.<BR><BR>

<I>01.</I> His father, he would never want to face the wrath of Ra's al-Ghul<BR>
<I>02.</I> His sister, most of all because he would never want to betray or lose her trust.<BR><BR>

<I>01.</I> Training to keep his mind off of things.<BR>
<I>02.</I> Overworking himself, continuously going on missions.<BR><BR>

<I>01.</I> To beat Bruce Wayne in a fight.<BR>
<I>02.</I> To be respected as an equal to his sister.<BR><BR>

<div class="spies"><p>Powers & Abilities</p></div>
<div class="spark">

<I>01.</I> PSE X-Force Super Short Short Draw LF Compound bow.<BR>
<I>02.</I> Customized arrows. Teflon-Coated Titanium Blades, the shaft made of a specialized polymer stronger than carbon.<BR>
<I>03.</I> Short Swords.<BR><BR>

<I>01.</I> Peak Human Leveled Attributes<BR>
<I>02.</I> Swordsmanship: Malik was trained by the League to be an excellent swordsman, he is still able to be bested by his older sister, but he is able to challenge the likes of Nightwing holding his own for a while.<BR>
<I>03.</I> Martial Arts: Like his Swordsmanship, his elder sister bests him in the Martial Arts. He has been trained by the League however, and occasionally being trained by Talia as she was one of his instructors.<BR>
<I>04.</I> Archery: Malik had been trained in Archery by several instructors including his sister in Archery. He is an excellent archer able to hit his target from long distances, however he is easily bested by the likes of Green Arrow. <BR><BR>

<I>01.</I> Human.<BR><BR>

<I>01.</I> Malik doesn't have any super-human abilities, he heals like a normal human.<BR>
<I>02.</I> Vulnerability, Malik is vulnerable to the people he cares about and trusts.<BR><BR>

Being trained his elder sister and several other instructors in the League of Assassins, Malik had spent a lifetime of training, training to be as skilled as his sister. However as time dictates, he is not as skilled as his sister, but he is able to hold his own against opponents of his own tier. He had a harsh training schedule keeping himself fit, and making sure he was excelling in all three of his chosen arts. Martial Arts, Archery, and Swordsmanship. His sister decided to take the lead in his Martial Arts training, along with other instructors when she wasn't present. She also had a hand in training his other arts.<br><br>

Talia also had a hand in training him education wise, teaching him how to be a successful business man in running a company. He was also trained in all compulsory subjects which include Mathematics and the three Sciences. He also taught himself how to hack on a computer, able to access federal encrypted databases, however nothing beyond that. He's able to cover his own tracks on the internet so he can't be traced by anyone working at a Federal level.

<div class="spies"><p>History</p></div>
<div class="spark">

<B>Parents:</B> Ra's al-Ghul (Father)<BR>
<B>Siblings:</B> Talia al-Ghul (Sister) Bruce Wayne (Brother-in-Law)<BR>
<B>Spouse/Significant Other:</B> None<BR>
<B>Children:</B> None<BR>
<B>Other Relatives:</B> Damian Wayne (Nephew)<BR><BR>

Born to Ra's al-Ghul the League expected him to be an heir, however he himself opted out of it, and instead chose to live under his sister instead, having her train him in several ways, along with other instructors at the League, Malik was disciplined. He disciplined himself by way of Archery. He usually has a calm mind, and he uses this posture to execute his missions and targets perfectly without having suspicion drawn to himself. He along with his family believe in his Father's philosophy of cleansing the world of all the imbalances.<BR><BR>

Malik sees himself

<div class="spies"><p>Writing Sample</p></div>
<div class="spark">


<div class="spies"><p>ALIAS HERE</p></div>
<div class="spark">
<a href="http://shine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showuser=5342">Savvy!</a>
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