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M'gann M'orzz

The Titans

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Jul 22 2017, 10:54 PM
{Flashback thread, back dated to before the events of the thread Everybody Lies}

On the observation deck of the Watchtower M'gann stood quietly looking out into the stars, behind a thick wall of glass which lacked the warm red glow of a Lantern's ring where the stars now looked much whiter and oddly more cold. Even the feel of the glass prickled the tips of her finger tips with a frosty chill as the cold of space was unforgiving and penetrated even the thick glass of the observatory on the Watch Tower. It was funny though as her memory played before her another scene, floating upon the weightlessness of space and fingers touching the thin and warm membrane of a Lantern's light as it cocooned in a protective red bubble.

The slight red glow of the protective membrane created by Red when he had taken M'gann and himself up into space for her impromptu Birthday gift last month was beyond mind blowing...It was an amazingly breathtaking experience, to be up in the stary with nothing but a thin membrane of light to protect her from the harshness of space and its sub-arctic chill. It was probably the single most unique and special gift anyone had ever given her for her birthday and a hard thing to top. Harder still to imagine that the very same young man that was capable of such thoughtfulness and caring was also a Red Lantern which M'gann knew was a bad thing; everyone said it was a bad thing but how? Why? And really, how bad was bad?

M'gann didn't really know much about Lanterns other than what she saw of John and Hal. She knew only a little bit about the other Lantern Corps but not much. But how did one become a lantern? Why does one become one? It was funny how lately she'd been consumed by all these curiosities about Lanterns of late and yet she couldn't just up and ask Red since he didn't know that she knew what he was and she was afraid to mention it the the League because she didn't know what exactly it was they would do if they discovered there was a Red Lantern on earth.

Red didn't seem dangerous and for that reason she had not yet mentioned to anyone of Red's presence but M'gann was conflicted by this. With a soft sigh she leaned her head against the cold glass pressing her forehead against the pane and let out a soft mist of breath that clouded the window pane before her as she closed her eyes.

"What am I going to do?" she whispered softly into the void of space rhetorically. On one hand she was obligated to let the League know about a Red Lantern on Earth, but at the same time she also wanted to find an option for Red that did not entail some kind of banishment or custody into some inter-galactic prison.

TAG: Hal Jordan
Jun 19 2017, 12:01 AM

~In fearful day.
In raging night.
With strong hearts full, our souls ignite.
When all seems lost in the war of light,
Look to the stars
for Hope burns Bright.~

The air was cleaner here, in the air M'gann could smell the faint scent of its flesh and blood. The beast would be near and like her it to would be on the hunt. Except while M'gann hunted the beasts, these beasts hunted metahumans; prefered them to the taste of humans, she never really knew why. She just knew they preferred it.

In the cover of darkness up on the rooftops the displaced Blue Lantern peered out into the city tying to catch that scent once more in the breeze but it was faint. She sense of smell was not as keen as Monstro and oh how she'd missed her Wolf dearly. Not only for his exceptional ability to hunt with her but also because she'd grown attached to the beast and loved it more than life itself. Running into his alter-self was an interesting encounter. She'd only known Monstro as the wolf who had become her wolf. The two were near inseparable until now and she wondered how he was doing, if he was alright, if he was still alive.

She needed to find a way back and knew that these displacer beasts also had a knack for finding these temporal rifts. It was like they were drawn to it or maybe the rifts were drawn to them. Either way these beasts had some kind of connection to the temporal balance. M'gann closed her eyes, decided instead to forego the scent of the beast and instead reached out with her telepathy to find the beast, either from the the distress that no doubt a human mind would have at the sight of the beast but also that spike of emotion was an easier beacon for M'gann to follow than a scent in the breeze.

So there she was cross-legged on a rooftop floating slightly with her eyes closed as she concentrated on spreading that telepathic net to sense the beasts.It was as she did that, her telepathic scan of the city did her mind touch the mind of the most curious of things...

A Red Lantern...

TAG: Razer Kelvere
Jun 16 2017, 07:16 PM
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'Spotted: B and S. Chic and cheerful up on Boulevard Hausmann. They dallied at department stores and stayed awhile at Tally Weijl. Down on Rue Saint-Honoré they courted couture at Palais Royale. And found the perfect outfits to bas&sh the competition.Then they headed to the Golden Triangle. Where Montaigne meets Georges V. And luxury goods are the opiate of choice. - ' The initial voice over for Gossip Girl played through the ear buds in her ear as M'gann watched the premiere of the fourth season on her small tablet; 'Belles De Jour'. <br><br>

Perched precariously on one of the tall barstools at a table in the food court with her coveted caffeine drink at her side along with one she picked up for Zatana, M'gann patiently waited for her teammate to show up; getting into the shopping mood by watching a little Gossip Girl because nobody does shopping like Blaire Waldorf and Serena Vander Woodsen. Casually dressed in a white off the shoulder cashmere sweater, printed pants and a black overcoat, her vibrant red hair stood out, even if capped with a black Page Boy cap. Her red hair was almost a beacon amongst the black hues she wore and more importantly; should be easier for Zatana to spot.<br><br>

The girls had made plans to shop the circuit today, which some might have considered crazy to fight through the crowds on this day. Carpe Diem! 'Seize the Day' or really if you were more of the pedantic sort you could get technical and say 'Enjoy the day, pluck the day when it is ripe' as the extended version was 'Carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero'; Carpe, actually being the Latin word for 'pluck'. The whole phrase actually translated to 'Pluck the day, trusting as little as possible in the future', but really that was a mouthful and 'Carpe Diem' was short and succinct enough to sound catchy and cool. Had her teacher in history not been as cute as he was M'gann probably would not have remembered all that, but she hung on every word that man said during history period back in Chicago. And really for the Martian that loved to live in the moment, there was never truer words than those. So manic crazy shopping or not she was not going to be prevented from a chance to hang out with one of her best friends and have fun. It was going to be an amazing day and she was excited.<br><br>

She was expecting a day of fun finds, great deals, exciting purchases and hanging out with 'family'. She took a sip of her hot beverage and smiled as she watched the scene on her tablet play out with snapshots of Paris, the people, the shops and the culture. She would love to go to France one day; Paris in particular. The place just looked so aesthetic and old world beautiful. She'd seen enough movies that showcased the city and made it enticing and romantic. Oh not in the lovie dovie romantic -though there is that too- it was more the suggestive or idealized view of the city that appealed to her. She really did want to see that city one day. <br><br>

Now one might ask why someone like her would even bother with the shopping since she could morph her bio-suit with a simple thought into anything she wanted. Well for one M'gann preferred to sample the touch of various textiles just to get the replication of the item correct. The bio-suit was only as good as her mind and a tactile analysis of the textile gave her a more concrete 'feel' for the fabric for when she replicated the dress or item of clothing. Plus there were days she just wanted to wear human clothing for no other reason than just because. Not to mention today wasn't entirely about shopping for herself. It was hanging out with Zee, like old times.<br><br>

Glancing back up from her tablet where the episode of Gossip Girl played, M'gann looked out from where she sat at the edges of the food court to scout out any signs of Zatana. The Mall bustled with activity, the crowds moving about like ants in a steady flow of traffic. A sea of multicoloured forms moving with bags in hand or cups of their favorite beverages, while others walked and talked with their friends or on their cell phones. M'gann would be lying if she didn't admit that a bustling place like this was a little harder for her to push down her telepathy; some people just screamed out their thoughts. Still though the telepath tried to dial it down and not actually 'listen' to anyone's thoughts so as to not read them and instead she focused on the tablet she held listening again to the audio voice through her earbuds.<br><br>

Movement though at the edge of her periphery, an incoming figure caused the young Martian girl to look up.<br><br>

"Zatana! Hi." M'gann said greeting the Mage with a warm welcoming smile and a hug as soon as the other girl was within reach. "You look great! Got you a drink." the young Martian said as she released the Mage from her hug and offered Zatana her fave drink. <br><br>


<h2>875 words / for Zatanna Zatara</h2>


<div class="merc_cred"><a href="http://cttw.jcink.net/index.php?showuser=160">merc</a></div>

Jun 14 2017, 02:53 AM

March 21st

~It's Connor's birthday today...he's never had a birthday when I didn't throw him a party.~ M'gann remembered saying to Zatanna those years ago. Worried because that year would be the first she never threw him one.

~That's not really your job any more M'gann.~ Zee had said to her and while the young woman was right, there hasn't been a year that went by that she didn't regret having done nothing; thought about that day and how terrible she felt about him feeling like no one remembered.

M'gann remembered. She also remembered how Wendy had told her later on that she ran into Connor at the court yard studying and how he had said that Wendy was the only person to remember his birthday. That wasn't true. M'gann remembered, she just chickened out in doing something for him. They weren't in the best of places with respects to their relationship at that time but still, M'gann knew how lonely Connor felt sometimes and to have only one person remember his birthday...

There was no excuse she could come up with to justify her not even having sent him a card, a text, something to let him know she was thinking of him on his birthday...that she remembered and that he wasn't alone. She's hated herself for that ever since. So today of all days she was about to make things right.

As her squad finished their routine, M'gann quickly skipped off to the change rooms and grab her things. Early morning 6AM practices had its advantages...She had the rest of the day all to herself or at least she didn't have to worry about having to come back for cheer practice tonight. So after her morning classes, M'gann set out to head to Mount Valor where she hoped Conner had already helped himself to the birthday breakfast muffins she left him (and enough for the rest of the Team as well) this morning. Along with the muffins, freshly squeezed juice and fruit that she left all perfectly set at the table M'gann left a note that was easily viewed and for all to read:

For the Birthday Boy First! =D

M'gann wanted to make sure that Conner had first dibs on the breakfast muffins and pancake muffins. A sealed envelope addressed to him with his name scrolled in fancy cursive writing was also present along with a small black box. Inside the card read the general Happy Birthday salutations in the usual M'gann style writing and an indication to open the box.

`Hope you like the breakfast muffins and buttermilk pancake muffins I made you. Oh and I also made you a little something. Open the black box to see!! =D
Happy Birthday Conner!

Always & Forever,


Inside the black box was a simply woven leather bracelet with a wolf charm, a sphere looking object, an 'X' a House of El symbol that was the most prominent. The intricate leather woven bracelet was clasped with an infinity symbol. Unlike female charm bracelets where the pieces dangled, Conner's was woven carefully into the leather weaving so that the thick band of leather had various silver symbols and intertwined.
It was simple enough and made with dark distressed leather so as to look long worn and nothing flashy. From a distance it would simply look like a thick leather wrist band, but upon closer inspection the brushed silver symbols would be visible. Each piece had meaning, just like the charm bracelets she wore each of the symbols had a meaning. The Wolfe and Sphere ones were obvious, the House of El symbol she got from Superman when she told him of her plan to make Conner a 'family crest' to be worn on his wrist. She saw it once with the Cullen's in Twilight, how they each had a 'family crest' that they wore as a symbol and connection to their family. She liked the sentiment and while she would never let Conner know the inspiration for said crafting of hers, M'gann was intent on making something meaningful and at the same times special for him.

Aside from Wolfe, Sphere that symbolized his companions, and the prominent House of El symbol of who he was a descendant of, M'gann also wove a 'T' to symbolize the Team (both past and present), an 'X' which was her symbol because she would always be with him, no matter what. The entire band and all its leather strands all came together to be clasped by an infinity emblem to symbolize the eternal bonds of all those things that she had intertwined within the leather work. Like those symbols, their respective representations were bound to Conner; their lives all intertwined. On the inside part of the wrist of the leather weaving a small plaque read 'Always & Forever' which was the way in which M'gann always finished off her letters and cards to him.

She thought about what she left him in the morning and hoped liked the food and the gift. The computer announced then M'gann's presence as soon as the zeta tube opened and M'gann stepped out. "Acknowledge, Miss Martian B05."

With a smile M'gann walked down the corridor her gym bag slung across her shoulder as she held her pom poms in the other hand. Clearly she had just come back from class as she was dressed in a short kilt, oversized off the shoulder sweater and comfortable sneakers but the fact that she had her gym bag and pom poms meant that she had also already had cheer practice all before 11AM.

"Connor! Wolf! Sphere!...Anyone home?" she called out as she rounded the bend into the common room.

Conner Kent
NOTES: Memories M'gann mentioned about Wendy are from Young Justice "Satisfaction" episode Season 2.
Pancake muffins
Breakfast muffins
Apr 22 2017, 09:30 AM
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<div style=" width: 260px; font-family: merriweather; font-size:26px; color: #6C7474; margin-bottom:4px; letter-spacing: 0px; text-transform: uppercase;"> Yo! listen up</div>
<div style=" width: 260px; font-family: Droid Serif; font-size:8px; color: #4A5453; margin-bottom:1px; letter-spacing: 4px; text-transform: uppercase;">Here's The Story</div>
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February 26th 2017<p>
M'gann live for this, literally LIVED for days like this. In her element she moved about Mount Valor, decorating the place with the help of no other than Wally West, aka Kid Flash after all there were very few who could keep up with the excitement of the Martian let alone her speed at which she went off on her ideas, spewed out orders, revamped things and altogether just was being 'M'gann'.<p>
With Wally's super speed and M'gann's telekinesis, the two divided and conquered the expanse of Mount Valor decorating it in the theme of 'Blue' which was M'gann's unofficial nickname for Jamie who was the Team's Blue Beetle and it very well could be too much as M'gann's party planning were always dialed up to way past 10. There were various 'Theme' rooms all in the honor of the birthday boy's favorite activities which M'gann delegated to the other Team and Titan members that were available to help out in the party prepping duties. It was a team exercise and M'gann rounded up as many people as she could to help. <p>
There was more than enough food, which the Martian (and those who wanted to help) spent the first half of the day prepping for, lots of party favorites in and amongst Jamie's favorite dishes. Even the cake was home made because why not? She loved doing these things and often came up with random reasons or excuses to cook and bake; this was no different. Now however it was crunch time with the last of the decorations flying around the room seemingly of their own accord, though really it was M'gann utilizing her telekinetic abilities while Wally zipped around the base and others helping out as well to get the place all perfect for the night's festivities.<p>
::Alright I'm done here, music and decorations are set up over here... Everyone sound off your status and if you need more help.:: M'gann said telepathically to all involved in the party prep. It had been awhile since M'gann was comfortable again using her telepathy but she was beginning to accept that it wasn't the powers that were bad but the way it was used. It also helped when working with Wally's memories to remember the good uses of her abilities. She was definitely more confident and responsible in the use of her telepathic powers now a days. <p>
::Jamie and Luc are gonna be here soon.::<p>
And so here they all here now, ready and waiting for the birthday boy to enter when at the moment of entry a loud chorus of "SURPRISE!!" would sound from all just as lights and MUSIC burst into life.<p>
~Yo listen up here's a story
About a little guy that lives in a blue world...~
The music to Eiffel 65's Blue played in the background and M'gann pulled down the head set of her DJ equipment and moved to Jamie after others had greeted the birthday boy. Dressed in a blue and white DRESSwith a white sweater that glowed with the black light around them, M'gann floated over to Jamie. <p>
"Happy belated Birthday Jamie!" M'gann chimed and moved to wrap her arms around the young man. <p>
His birthday sadly fell during the craziness of dimensional rifts and strange dopplegangers and so M'gann had felt bad that he never really had a change to celebrate his birthday so to make up for it Wally and M'gann (the two resident social party people) got together figured something out between the two teams and hashed out this plan. And with those thoughts, the young Martian looked up at Jamie's companion and gave him a wink and a mouthed 'Thank you' to Lucious before releasing Jamie and moving over to the stranded dimensional traveller...so weird to think he's Wally's son. <p>
"Hey Luc!" M'gann beamed equally as much for Luc as she did Jamie because well this was M'gann, she was uber friendly and a hugger. She moved to hug the reluctant boy as well. <p>

TAG: The Team, The Titans, Risk & Aquagirl

<div style="width: 475px; height: 12px; text-align: center; font-family: calibri; font-size:10px; color: white; background-color: #343B3A; margin-left:-12px; padding-top:2px; "> 799 . OUTFIT. SONG. NOTES: This is freeform posting, no posting order =D</div>

<div style="width:100px; text-align: center; font-family: tahoma; font-size:11px; color:#646060; margin-top:5px; line-height:100%;"><small><small><small><small><small><small>

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