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Welcome to All Our Masks! We are an Alternate Universe DC-comics RPG, loosely based off the Young Justice comic and show. We accept canons and original characters and have a 223 Rating. No character or player will be left out, everyone will be RPed with. We try to offer and maintain flexibility for characters and storylines wherever possible in our canon characters and themes. So before you rule out a character, plot, twist, or anything else, please talk to an admin first! We would be happy to assist and work with you wherever we can.

If you have any questions, our C-box is open for guests. Or you are more than welcome to pop onto our guest-friendly Questions and Answers board. For easy navigation, see our Table of Contents thread (link located in the sidebar to your left) for a full list of our informational entries.

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Miss Red
 Posted: Jul 28 2015, 01:28 AM
want ad
character age
Miss Red
-- years old
post count
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I got posts!

Basic Rules

These are the basic rules of the site (and most if not all of them can be found on just about any RPG out there).

01. No god-moding, powerplaying, puppeteering, impersonating another player/character, etc without permission from the other player(s).

02. Be respectful of everyone be it staff, player, or guest.

03. No advertising anywhere but the advertising section; that means forums, cbox, or PMs.

04. Inactivity after a two (2) weeks will result in a warning message (PM, IM, whatever I have for you). If you will be gone, put up an absentee note. (Be reasonable, if you are going to be gone for a lengthy period of time we will not hold your character.)

05. Inactivity will result in a canon being made adoptable and your OC archived. Some threads may be archived. You are permitted to return and begin playing your character again (as long as your canon is not already in play at this time) but it will be your responsibility to find the links for the threads you (and your partners) want to continue. Please PM this list to an admin. (If your membergroup is changed to Inactive, you will not be able to post anywhere. Please PM Miss Red to have it reactivated.)

06. OOC/Player accounts are mandatory for OOC chatter and tagging purposes.

07. Aliases should be something other than your character's name/codename with no numbers or symbols.

04. We have no character limit; as long as you can keep up with them Your first character can be canon or original. If your first is original your second must be a canon. in order to learn unlimited OCs, you need to have a total of four (4) canons on site. Until then, you can have two OCs per canon. (Then, the reiterate, after you have a total of four (4) canons, you can have as many OCs as you want.) Canons are unlimited from the beginning but please be reasonable and do not gobble.

05. Nobody can have more than one of the founding members of the Team. Meaning if you play Superboy you cannot play Nightwing as well.

06. Due to our site's rating (223), we do not allow characters to be younger than thirteen (13) years of age.

07. Face Claims are required. However, you may use illustrations (as long as it does not detract from the handsomeness of the board). No FCs under the age of thirteen (13). If your character does not have a human form through shape-shifting or technological means then you are not required to have a FC.

Application Process

These are the guidelines for our application process. Read carefully.

01. Register your character's username (First and Last with proper capitalization). If they do not have a civilian name for whatever reason, use their codename. Names can be shortened to nicknames if they are better known that way (Wally West, Dick Grayson, Billy Batson, Hal Jordan, etc).

02. If your character is canon, reserve on the canon list (link accessible in sidebar). We will not look at your application if you have not reserved. Note: If you have registered for a canon and do no post a reservation within 72 hours, the account will be deleted. Reservations hold your character for seven (7) days, in which time you can complete your application. You are permitted one (1) request for a single extension of seven (7) days from your deadline, please ask. If you fail to complete your app within this time, you will not be allowed to try for that character again for another two (2) weeks. In the meantime, feel free to apply with another.

03. Please have your subject line be your character's codename. If they do not have one then it should be their first and last (in that order). In the topic description we want to see "first last name | membergroup | age". If they do not have a codename then just exclude the name part from the description.

04. Allow twenty-four (24) hours to pass before ask about your application review (though, please, by all means nudge us when it is completed because we miss things sometimes, in the shoutbox is best because we can miss it if you mention it in the cbox).

05. Your application should be all in third person and in your own words. Copy/Pasting is an automatically disqualifying offense for your application. Your app will be denied and you will not be allowed to apply here for two (2) weeks..

06. We have a three-strike policy concerning application reviews. If your character has not passed by the third reviews the application will be denied. You will need to wait two (2) weeks in order to apply with that character again but in the meantime are free to apply with another.

07. We reserve the right to deny any application if we do not feel it is a good fit. Reasons will be given at this time.

08. Stipulations for subsequent characters are as follows: your first character must be accepted, you must have filled out your face claim and who's who, started a plotter, must be involved in one thread, have fifteen total IC posts, have your tracker updated and been an approved member for at least a week. Before applying for another character, please PM an admin so that they might check you over and approve the move.

09. OCs are allowed but please be aware that we look for balance. If you are unsure if a power or ability will be acceptable, please contact one of the admins and we will be happy to answer and assist.

10. When applying for a canon, please be aware that any players with existing relations to your character (for example. If you are applying for Batman and there is a Nightwing and/or a Batgirl) they will have a chance to give the reviewer their input on the character to be sure that it lines up with their stories. This helps the reviewer since they cannot always catch everything in order to keep all characters' harmonious

11. Please do not fill out any of the listing claims until your character has been accepted. Whether it's a canon character or an OC. Your FC will be held by your WIP application (as long as you reserved your canon).


Canons that were previously played will appear on the canon list under 'Adoptables'. For some people this might seem like a tricky process to delve into, so here is how this works if you are interested in an adoptable canon.

01. Adoptable characters will be listed with links to any threads that need to be honored. Please reserve the character as normal and PM or IM Miss Red. There may be a few details about the character that will need to stay from the originally applied for version of the character. This is not always the case, but sometimes is. This is why it is important to speak with Miss Red.


The rules and general guidelines for in character posting.

01. Do not post on any of the in character boards until your application has been accepted.

02. All IC posts should be in third person (with rare exceptions).

03. No chatspeak (unless your character is texting or instant messaging).

04. The minimum word count is 300.

05. Please spellcheck and proofread. Typos happen but please check your work. We should be able to clearly understand what you are trying to say.

06. If you sign up for a site plot, please have every intention of posting punctually whenever it is your turn. Please make the site plot thread your priority so that we can keep them running.

07. We have Jcink's alert system activated. You will notice a link (Alert) in the top row where you can find My Controls. When you tag a person, or are tagged, an Alert will appear there (Alert (#)) and a notification will be emailed. To tag someone you will post the following code in your post somewhere. @[Name]

Time Stamps & Journals

The rules and general guidelines for time stampls and journals.

01. Do not forget to add your time stamp somewhere in your thread. This should definitely include the month, date, and year, but putting the time as well is also an option.

02. We do not play in real time. We have a two (2) months open, usually for one or two real time months, so that we have more time to fill up that time with less holes. There is no posting ahead of this month, but flashback threads are permitted. (The current month can be viewed at the top of the board.)

03. Journals (a post where you keep track of your post dates) are mandatory and for good reason. Although this is a most important practice concerning canons it is also helpful for originals. It helps you keep track of when and where your characters have been to reduce the possibility of overlap. (And an accurate journal is a plus for admins should a person drop their character or leave the site.)

04. Be as fancy or as simple with your journal as you would like.

05. Your journal entries should be comprised of at least your thread link, title, and time stamp.

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